Voxoa S70
Voxoa S70

Voxoa S70

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All-in-one Design The S70 Digital DJ Workstation is a dual USB player and a high performance mixer, all-in-one design in an elegant unit. Setting the S70 is easy and fast because you don’t need to waste time connecting cables. You just need to bring the S70 and USB storage and you can DJing. It’s perfect for DJs working events, clubs that need to be able to pack away their system quickly, and any other DJ on the move. Moreover, the S70 also is a MIDI controller can fully control any DJ software, the comprehensive MIDI compatibility all of the 98 control elements can be applied as MIDI control device.


Key features

USB Player

  •  2 USB sockets for external USB device support
  •  Two USB player share one external USB Device
  •  All control elements are MIDI compatible
  • Automatic and manual tap beat counter
  •  Optional rack-mount adaptor


  • Instant playback from cue point
  •  Fader start to control playback on fader move
  •  Single and Continuous play modes

Data Search

  •  Tracks and folders searching system
  •  Advanced cueing with track searching by frame
  •  Support VOXOA TUNEBOX software for fast searching massive USB device
  •  Onboard fi le and folder browsing


  •  Auto Cue function cues track to start of music
  •  Seamless Loop function / reloop function
  •  Loop Out point adjustment
  •  Hot Loop function
  •  Real-time cut and extend l Auto Beat oop
  •  4 independent hot cue/loop banks with real-time adjustment
  •  Every track can save 4 hot cues and unlimited memos for USB drive

Pitch Control

  • Adjustable pitch range ±6%, ±10%, ±16% and -100%
  •  High quality 100 mm long pitch fader
  •  Micro pitch with a resolution up to 0.02%
  •  Pitch bend control buttons
  •  Pitch bend up to +/- 16%
  •  Key Lock allow a track’s tempo to be changed without affecting the original key of the track

Jog Wheel

  •  Touch sensitive JOG WHEEL for scratching
  •  Multifunctional JOG WHEEL for search, pitch bend and effects adjustment
  •  A. CUE Scratch mode – touch WHEEL return-to-cue function
  •  JOG WHEEL control for pitch bending and frame searching

DSP Effects

  • 4 superb beat synchronized DSP effects
  •  Build-in Effects: ECHO, FLANGER, FILTER and SKID
  •  Auto beat sync effects
  •  Effect parameters “TIME” and “DEPTH” adjustable via JOG WHEEL


  •  Large extra bright dot-matrix VFD display for all functions
  •  Display playing address
  • Display ELAPSED/REMAIN time mode
  •  Displays text for ID3 tags and folder names for easy navigation
  • Text display for navigating folders on USB fl ash drives


  • Input: Line x 2 (RCA), Phono x 2 (RCA), MIC x 2 (XLR/1/4 inch Combo x 1, 6.3mm x1),USB x2
  • Output: Balanced (XLR) x 1, Unbalanced (RCA) x1, Unbalanced Booth (RCA) x1, USB MIDI x 1
  •  3 USB jacks, 2 for USB playback, one for PC MIDI connection
  •  Three-band EQ with Full output kill for each channel
  •  2 MIC with level control, tone adjust and talkover
  • Effect auto beat sync function
  •  Effect X & Y parameter adjustable
  •  Replaceable Crossfader with 3 curve switch
  •  Crossfader with fader start function
  •  Headphone with level control and cue mixing
  •  Booth Out with level adjust
  • Dual 10 LEDs monitor display (selectable PFL or Master output)
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  • Model S60


  • AC100-240V, 60/50Hz, 21W


  • 482mm (W) X 300mm (D) X 90.5mm (H)


  • 4.1 kg





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