Our Story

Meet The Little MIDI Store Team

Sagar Samtani

Owner, the Creative Visionary and the perfectionist grandma. So if you complained, someone in the office definitely "Got a Hurt Real Bad"

Veera Samtani

Co-Owner, Accounting & HR Manager, the one who does all the boring jobs

Putri Tho

Sales & Marketing Manager, the one who knows what you need! 

Defit Wahyu

Logistics Exec - Bandung Branch, the one who physically lifts, packs, and ships your order! He has a Back Problem now

Laras Aprilia

Operations Manager - Jakarta Branch, the one who makes and ships all orders - if your order is late, call her!

The Little MIDI Store (TLMS) was born in 2nd of June 2012 - the brain child of Sagar Samtani. It was born in his Bedroom with an initial investment of USD 2000. His closet was TLMS's first warehouse. His TV Room was TLMS's Office/Demo Area.

"I really started from Zero, I quit my Job, borrowed 2000 bucks, and just believed TLMS would work. There was a point where I would wish for just 1 inquiry a day. Not even a Sale. 1 Inquiry per day. That's all!"

says Sagar recounting to us how he started.

The Little MIDI Store has now expanded to host a roster of Premium Brands and 2 Physical Stores in Bandung and Jakarta. When asked his vision for TLMS,

"My vision for TLMS is to become like Toysrus, I want our customers to feel like they are walking into a Toy Store, where customers can try anything and everything directly.

I also want to make TLMS into the ultimate smart retail experience. Any information is just a Tap away by using NFC. You need to know the features/reviews of a product, just Tap, and you have it on your phone. You need the latest firmware, Tap, and Boom! you get it on your phone. No more visiting multiple websites to know more about the product"

At TLMS, our motivation is driven by the smiles and testimonials of our customers. So when you are happy, it drives us to become better.