Akai MPC Headphones
Akai MPC Headphones
Akai MPC Headphones
Akai MPC Headphones

Akai MPC Headphones

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For decades, the Akai Professional MPC has been the industry-standard tool for beat-making, sampling, and sequencing — the go-to hardware for crafting platinum hits that has literally enabled the creation of entirely new genres of music. MPC Headphones embody the same no-shortcuts approach, incorporating premium technologies and precise engineering to give you the the power to produce every track with precision.

Featuring iconic Akai Professional build quality and audio detail, MPC Headphones were designed to be a powerful tool for audio production in the recording studio. Custom 50mm drivers with neodymium magnets reproduce your tracks with ease so you can make confident decisions about each element of your music. Hear the simultaneous thump and snap of a kick drum. Hone in on the crackle of the snare. Blend layers of samples while making crucial adjustments to the vocal to make it pop–truly a microscope for your music.

Key features
  • Accurate 40 mm earphones with neodymium magnets.
  • Aluminium and Steel for the construction.
  • Design of the fluffy tactile with padded leather.
  • 1/4 "Audio Cable with Adapter Included.
  • Communication cable with built-in microphone included.

Frequency Response

  • 12Hz-24kHz


  • 114dB @ 1Khz


  • 16 ohms


  • 6.8 ft. (2.1m) with 1.8-inch connector



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