Canare L2B2AT OFC Japan Standard
Canare L2B2AT OFC Japan Standard

Canare L2B2AT OFC Japan Standard

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Cable sold by the meter L-2B2AT
Here is a custom-length modulation cable made by Canare. It is the thinnest model offered by the manufacturer. It stands out for its excellent flexibility, its 100% aluminum shielding, its drainage wire and its PVC sheath, easy to handle for easy and comfortable assembly.
This model of modulation cable is particularly useful for blocks of devices requiring significant wiring as well as to interface mixers or to carry out the internal wiring of your DIY devices / your racks for a clean and lasting result.

Length Sold by the meter
General diameter 3.2mm
Sheath thickness 0.3mm
Insulation IPE
Cond-AWG (Qty./mil) AC - # 25
Cross Sec (16 / 4.73)
Shielding 100% aluminum tape
(Ohm / 100m)
Capacitance Conductor - conductor: 73 pF / m
Conductors - shield: 120 pF / m
Sheath Dupont® Kevlar 29
Color Black
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