Denon DJ DS1
Denon DJ DS1
Denon DJ DS1

Denon DJ DS1

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The DS1 by Denon is a breakthrough interface for users of Serato Noise Map. This system is used to control Serato digital music libraries while using turntables or CD players. For DJ's who want to keep their vintage vinyl feel but still want the flexibility of a digital music library. The DS1 is a plug-in-play system that smoothly integrates into your Serato DJ rig giving you all of these qualities within Denon DJ's famous superb audio quality and reliability. Specializes in Hookups Within the DS1 is a bi-directional audio interface with two sets of stereo RCA inputs to play back your audio in real-time at studio-grade 24-bit digital conversion. This is perfect for DJ's or turntablists who need to connect their Serato DJ rig to speakers, monitors or an additional mixer on the fly. Within a single USB input, you can handle power and audio in one compact device making you're setting up a lot easier to manage.

Key Features

It Specializes in Hookups

  • At the heart of the DS1 is a bi-directional audio interface with two sets of RCA stereo inputs for turntables or professional CD players. Playback audio is distributed in studio-grade 24-bit quality via two sets of RCA stereo outputs.

Small, But Fierce

  • Denon DJ’s DS1 is smaller than most smartphones, making it an ideal tool of choice for the travelling DJ. The rugged, all-metal construction easily survives constant transport and setup, making it reliable for any DJ set.

All the Bases—Covered

  • Whether you’re using NoiseMap vinyl or optical media, the DS1 goes hard every night to eliminate the gap between that classic analog feel you’re after and the precise digital capability you demand, making any DJ feel at home.
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