Novation Launchpad Pro MK3
Novation Launchpad Pro MK3
Novation Launchpad Pro MK3
Novation Launchpad Pro MK3

Novation Launchpad Pro MK3

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Launchpad Pro is our most powerful 64-pad MIDI grid controller for producing: both in Ableton Live and with your hardware. It gives you everything you need to create and perform your tracks.

Key features

 Our Deepest Ableton Live Integration

  • Launch clips and scenes, access mixer, device and transport controls, and quantise, duplicate and double, all without touching your mouse.

64 Super-sensitive RGB Pads

  • Large RGB velocity- and pressure-sensitive pads give you a perfect reflection of your Ableton Live session, making it easier than ever to see your clips and play your instruments dynamically and expressively.

Powerful Four-track, 32-step Sequencer

  • Create full tracks with Launchpad Pro's built-in sequencer, featuring eight-note polyphony, pattern chaining and scenes to create and trigger longer sequences, and probability and mutation controls to keep your tracks evolving.

Chord Mode

  • Easily explore, build and play complex chords straight from the grid; quickly find new harmonies.

Dynamic Note & Scale Modes

  • Effortlessly play perfectly in-key basslines, melodies, chords and leads. Launchpad Pro even knows when you’re drumming and shows your drum rack on the grid.

MIDI In, Out & Out 2/Thru

  • Control anything MIDI in your studio directly from Launchpad Pro.

Capture MIDI

  • Never lose ideas and happy accidents with on-device access to Live's Capture MIDI function.

Eight Custom Modes

  • Use Novation Components to customise mappings and control anything MIDI easily from Launchpad Pro.

Grab And Go

  • Sleek, lightweight and tough, and USB-C bus-powered.

Get Started Easily

  • Use our Easy Start Tool to get all the software you want, and step-by-step video guides to get you set up with Live and making music in minutes.


    Product Hardware Specifications

    • 64 Velocity Sensitive Pads with Polyphonic Aftertouch
    • 42 Backlit Tactile-Click Buttons
    • 106 RGB LEDs
    • MIDI In, Out 1 & Out 2/Thru Ports (3x TRS Minijack to DIN MIDI Adapters included)
    • USB-C Socket
    • Kensington MiniSaver Slot

    What’s In The Box

    • Launchpad Pro
    • USB-A to USB-C Cable
    • USB-C to USB-C Cable
    • USB-A Power Adapter
    • 3x TRS Minijack to DIN MIDI Adapters
    • Safety information sheet

    Software Compatibility

    • Ableton Live 10 Lite is included

    If you already have Ableton Live it must be version 10 or greater to work with Launchpad Pro. We recommend that you update to the latest version as previous versions of Ableton Live do not include Launchpad Pro integration with Live. Launchpad Pro will also work as a standard MIDI controller.

    Power Requirements

    • USB bus powered (USB Power supply included for standalone operation)

    Product Weight & Dimensions

    • Dimensions: 268mm length x 268mm depth x 18mm height

    OS Compatibility

    • Novation Launchpad Pro is class compliant, so will work with any modern Mac and Windows PC. Lightning to USB 3 Camera Adapter with external power is required for use with iOS.





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