Pioneer DJ HDJ-500
Pioneer DJ HDJ-500
Pioneer DJ HDJ-500
Pioneer DJ HDJ-500
Pioneer DJ HDJ-500

Pioneer DJ HDJ-500

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The HDJ-500s are designed for your complete DJ lifestyle giving you exceptional sound quality whether you're DJing at home or in the club, or listening to music when you're out and about.

These headphones emulate our flagship HDJ-2000MK2s, with a simple yet stylish design, and a lightweight but robust build. The streamlined hanger makes it easy to identify left and right sides of the headphones, even in a dimly lit booth.

Key features
  • The HDJ-500s deliver rich bass notes and clean low to mid level frequencies for accurate monitoring.
  • Rotate the right ear cup up to 60 degrees to the right, while the flexible headband maintains side pressure.
  • The 1.2 meter coiled cord stretches to around 3 meters to give you freedom to move while DJing, or you can change it for the 2 meter straight cord when you’re on the move.

Weight (without cable)

  • 195 g

Maximum Input Power

  • 2000 mW

Output Sound Level

  • 105 dB

Frequency Range

  • 5 - 28000 Hz


  • 45 Ω



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