Stanton N500S
Stanton N500S

Stanton N500S

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Revitalize your turntable cartridge with a new N500S stylus. The N500S stylus lets you refresh your Stanton 500.V3, 505.V5, or 520.V3 cartridges, bringing you the depth, accuracy, and skip-free performance you demand from your turntables. Whether you’re in the competitive world of battle DJing and extreme turntablism or just want to spruce up the record player in your living room, the N500S stylus is the right choice for you.


Key features
  • Manufacturer: Stanton
  • Colour: Black
  • Headshell Required: Yes
  • incl. Headshell: No
  • Bearing Load from (g): 2
  • Bearing Load up to (g): 5


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