Wavebone Grand Gemini
Wavebone Grand Gemini

Wavebone Grand Gemini

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Floor-standing Studio Monitor Stands

Each Grand Gemini’s weight is around 13.6 KG, and that helps to maintain its balance and stability. Also, it can adjust to seven different heights. High-pitched drivers of the monitors can aim to the listener easily.

Direct extension from top to the ground helps reduce resonance and maximize the benefits that bookshelf monitors can bring.

Seven different height alterations
There are seven different height alterations from 81 to 111cm. According to different body figures and distances people might have, Gemini can transform into your best listening position.

The Decent 9.5 Square-inch
surface can contain studio monitors no bigger than 8.5 inches wide.

Adjustable Arm Available for 360 Degree Adjustment
Find the precise position that creates the pure sounds you always long for.

Taking Every Details with Great Care
Grand Gemini™ could be adjusted on various heights and angles to fine-tune your sounds.

Feet pads can lean to alter the angles and thus maintain the studio monitor stands’ stability and balance.

Unbalanced floors or bulging stages will no longer be a problem. Highly-Rotating feet pads can keep the Grand Gemini stable and balanced.

The solid MDF board with splice wood surface keeps the sound field steady.

Grand Gemini reduces less sound conflicts than other stands do, and that makes your luxurious monitors perform perfectly.

The total weight of Grand Gemini is 13.6 KG. It has to be heavy enough to stand still.

Grand Gemini not only bears super heavy weights but also has enough heaviness itself. The stands must be steady and strong enough to give the monitors profound protection.

Grand Gemini™
Width (W) : 9.44 in (24 cm)
Depth (D) : 9.44 in (24 cm)
Board Width (BW) : 11.81 in (30 cm)
Board Depth (BD) : 11.81 in (30 cm)
Height (H) :
31.8 in(81 cm), 33.9 in(86 cm),
35.8 in(91 cm), 37.8 in(96 cm),
39.8 in(101 cm), 41.7 in(106 cm),
43.7 in(111 cm) | Adjustable |